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For those who looked at the French web page recommended at the bottom, here
is a rough English translation of some of the content about the
Stratoconception process. Of course, the pictures require no translation.


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 Our team works since 1990 with the development of this process, for which
two patents and marks were deposited. It was the subject in addition the
communication of many since 1991. Like other processes of rapid prototyping,
it makes it possible to manufacture directly by layers a part created by CAD
without chain breakage conception/fabrication.

Background historical

Traditionally, the manufacture of prototypes and the installation of
processes of industrialization rest on drawings, tools heavy and machine
tools complex. These techniques impose long times, high costs and multiple
iterations until a part is validated with the best possible quality-price
ratio. The availability of means of computerized design and manufacture
modified the work of the engineer and/or the designer of engineering and
design department, which can now develop their concepts in three dimensions.

 To this end, they use computerized means of voluminal representation (CAD),
as well as mechanical modules of calculations (concept of CAD). The
undeniable advantage of these tools is to use the data-processing
environment without having to materialize the object. They cover already
part of the needs (assembly in particular), but remain currently unsuited in
particular as soon as the designer must exceed this representation on
screen, if it needs " to touch the matter "... or more still for the
technological needs for prototyping. Parallel to that, the search of the
saving of time in the chain design-manufacture led to the principle of not
cutting the chain of digitized information, and thus to the concept of rapid
prototyping. Several processes of rapid prototyping were born since 1987 and
after continual improvements, this activity became an essential tool in the
cycle of design.

The stratoconception®
It consists in breaking up the part, by calculations in a whole of
elementary layers simple, called layers, into which are introduced
reinforcements and inserts. The elementary parts are identified and
manufactured directly (loops CFAO) by fast, simple and known processes,
starting from materials in plates. These elementary parts are then assembled
to reconstitute the end product. The assembly is taken into account as of
the decomposition. It is conceived to take part in the behavior with the
mechanical requests undergone by the part in its context of use.

The new page illustrates the principle of the stratoconception®.

Principle of the stratoconception®

Generation of files STL Software CALCULATION Stratoconcept® Modulate Sc1
Décomposition Plans Not Inserts Assembly Modulate SC2 Définition of the
curves Installation DECOUPE of each layer and identification ASSEMBLY

Stages of the stratoconception® (1)

Design in CAD Generation file STL

 Plane bedding choice Not Profile of layer Precision Report/ratio of scale
Automatic detection of the skins and the precision Visualization
Installation of the inserts Stratification Visualization of the layers
Visualization of the type of skin per layer Choice of dimensions of the
plates of rough Distribution of the layers on the plates of rough Step
Profile of layer Generation of the course of tool: Choice of the tool
Optimization of the profile Generation of the ISO code Manufacture of the
layers: Fast Microfraisage UGV Cuts out laser, water jet... into 3 or 5 axes
Assembly of the layers: Positioning in gemometry by inserts Finishing:
Polishing fine Varnish Painting

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