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From: Marshall Burns (marshall@ennex.com)
Date: Thu Jun 25 1998 - 06:04:56 EEST

Regarding http://www.mcb.co.uk/services/conferen/jun98/forp/

        Congratulations to Ian Gibson and MCB Publishing on a well-organized,
well-presented, and topical collection of articles.

        I have a thought about the dynamics of communications within our
industry community and how the conference interfaces with the RP-ML.
What I wonder is if a conference like this will pull good, worthwhile
conversation away from the ML. That is why I posted my comments on the
color sintering article to both the conference and the ML. As for
myself, I wouldn't have time to log onto the conference regularly, but I
make it part of my routine to scan the daily ML postings. I wonder if
there would be a way for the conference to offer people posting to it
the option of having their posting copied to the ML, i.e. if they feel
it is of significance to merit that. Just a thought, presented for

Best regards,
Marshall Burns

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