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Thanks for the kind words - the money is in the post.

You raised a point that I have thought about and in fact discussed with
Jukka at Dearborn.

The conference is different from rp-ml. In rp-ml you have topical
discussions that appear to go in waves. The topic can change at any time
and often reflects very immediate requirements. A number of conversations
can take place at the same time but those that are of interest to only a
few people can be lost amongst a more popular debate.

In the Internet conference the topics have already been chosen (I did in
fact use rp-ml as a source of inspiration and contacts in this) and
hopefully the discussions will revolve around each topic. It is therefore
more like a limited time frame newsgroup than a mailing list.

I'm sure there are also many other differences that hopefully fulfill
different goals and maybe combine to make something even more worthwhile.

It is possible that the conference may 'steal some business' away from
rp-ml but I doubt it and I hope people don't see it as such (I guess time
will tell). The 2 mediums are different. In fact, this discussion is taking
place on rp-ml, there is no area for it to take place in the conference. I
would however discourage repetition of comments made at the conference
within rp-ml, unless there is something you really want all of rp-ml to
read as well.



At 08:04 PM 6/24/98 -0700, you wrote:
> Congratulations to Ian Gibson and MCB Publishing on a well-organized,
>well-presented, and topical collection of articles.
> I have a thought about the dynamics of communications within our
>industry community and how the conference interfaces with the RP-ML.
>What I wonder is if a conference like this will pull good, worthwhile
>conversation away from the ML. That is why I posted my comments on the
>color sintering article to both the conference and the ML. As for
>myself, I wouldn't have time to log onto the conference regularly, but I
>make it part of my routine to scan the daily ML postings. I wonder if
>there would be a way for the conference to offer people posting to it
>the option of having their posting copied to the ML, i.e. if they feel
>it is of significance to merit that. Just a thought, presented for
>Best regards,
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