2nd MCB Internet Conference - 'The Future of Rapid Prototyping'

From: Elaine Hunt (elaine.hunt@ces.clemson.edu)
Date: Thu Jun 25 1998 - 15:33:11 EEST

>2nd MCB Internet Conference - 'The Future of Rapid Prototyping'
>Not everyone has the resources to visit the many RP conferences this

Ian and List,

I agreed to write a paper this time (Ian knows how much I hate to write)
because I strongly believe in the topic of my paper. But that is not
enough, you reading my thoughts; what is important is what you think and
believe, even if it is completely in disagreement with my thoughts. Ian
wants a completed paper after this conference ends from each author pulling
together the discussions. I think that will be a tremendous set of papers
which will add to the knowledge within this industry. If you fail to give
your input...what a loss not only to the discussion group but to the

I will give my first wish of the day...." that the vendors (system,
materials, and software) will allow their employees to participate in the


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