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 Visionary Design Systems Ships IronCAD, the First New Architecture For Solid
                              Modeling in a Decade

                            (PR Newswire; 06/24/98)

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 24 /PRNewswire/ Visionary Design Systems, Inc.
(VDS) today announced that IronCAD(TM), its innovative solid modeling
system for mechanical engineers using Windows NT, is shipping. Demand for
IronCAD has been very strong, with hundreds of seats already sold.

"The number of IronCAD seats sold prior to shipping is probably a new
record for the CAD industry," said David Tiley, president and CEO of VDS.
"Our extraordinary sales are the result of the pent-up demand for a better,
more productive solid modeling solution. Alcoa, Ford Motor Company, John
Deere, Lockheed-Martin, Proctor & Gamble and Ratheon are among the first
companies to recognize the new architecture's benefits and purchase

The IronCAD system uses Visionary Design Systems' proprietary Design
Flow(TM) Architecture to provide users with advanced capabilities for
three- dimensional (3D) usability, including drag and drop solid modeling
and natural 3D interaction. IronCAD enhances productivity at each step of
the design process by empowering collaboration throughout an entire
organization. The system offers:

Drag and Drop Solid Modeling. As the first true 3D environment, IronCAD
uses intelligent 3D features called IntelliShapes(R), which users can drag
from customizable catalogs and drop onto models. IronCAD's modification
features and unique design behavioral characteristics allow changes to be
cruised around a design part. SmartSnap(R) (a dynamic 3D constraint solver)
and the TriBall(R) (an intuitive tool for complex 3D manipulations) enable
easy, graphical precision through complex transformations.

-- Design Flow Architecture. The unique architecture underlying the IronCAD
system supports the entire design process and flow. Conceptual ideas can be
developed without the need to consider the impact of future changes.
Parameterized features can be used or not, depending on whether they
provide benefits or hinder productivity. In pre- and post-production stages
where inevitable changes not captured in the design are required, IronCAD's
Direct Face Modeling(TM) technology allows users to make changes accurately
and confidently.

-- Visual Product Development. High-end visualization technology enhances
understanding and communications during every interaction and at each step
of the design process. SmartRender(R) technology automatically maximizes
realism and dynamic performance. Fully integrated real-time texture, bump
and decal mapping facilitate effective communication of design details. The
entire modeling process is more productive than with traditional systems
because IronCAD provides visual feedback and the ability to preview complex
geometry changes. -- Hyper-operability. IronCAD takes concurrent
engineering beyond established interoperability standards to allow
engineers to confidently exchange and use CAD data throughout the design
process. Power users and novices alike are able to share parts or
assemblies easily, and can import data from other systems and use and
modify it as though it had been created natively.

IronCAD, priced at $3995, is available now for Windows NT, Windows 95 and
Windows 98 platforms. The product is sold by Visionary Design Systems and
selected channel partners.

About Visionary Design Systems
Visionary Design Systems creates and implements computer-based solutions
and services for mechanical engineering product development. Founded in
1990 as a CAD/CAM reseller and systems integrator, the company quickly
built a reputation for successfully helping customers improve product
development processes and time-to-market. In 1995, VDS ranked 58th on the
Inc. Magazine 500 list and is recognized as one of the fastest-growing,
private companies in America. VDS merged with 3D/Eye, an innovative
developer of award-winning three-dimensional software last year. The merger
brought together VDS' extensive engineering expertise and 3D/EYE's
innovative development capabilities. VDS is headquartered in Santa Clara,
California, and serves customers from sales and support offices throughout
the United States. More information is available at the company's web site

IronCAD, Design Flow and Direct Face Modeling, IntelliShapes, SmartSnap,
TriBall and SmartRender are trademarks or registered trademarks of
Visionary Design Systems, Inc. or its subsidiary. All other products
mentioned above are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective

SOURCE Visionary Design Systems, Inc.
-0- 06/24/98
/CONTACT: Ann Strople of Buerger Media & Marketing, 770-449-1666, or, for Visionary Design Systems/ /Web site:

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