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>Hello all,

>Can someone direct me to a "State of the Industry" report? In the RP & RT
>Thanks in advance.
>Rick Harrington

Have you ever considered joining the Society of Manufacturing Engineer's
(SME) Rapid Prototyping Association (RPA)? Terry Wohlers was one of the
founders of RPA/SME in 1992. As part of your membership fee you get regular
industry updates. I recently received my copies of the "State of the
Industry Report - Executive Summary" by Terry Wohlers and the "Rapid
Prototyping Machine Builders' Update Report" (progress reports from the May,
1998 RP&M Dearborn conference) published by SME. RPA/SME may be able to
provide prospective members with free copies of these reports.

RPA/SME can be contacted at:

The Rapid Prototyping Association
of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers
One SME Drive
Dearborn, MI 48121-0930
Phone: (313) 271-1500
FAX: (313) 271-2861

or contact

Kristen Dudash, Association Manager, RPA/SME


Cindy Hintz, Administrator, RPA/SME


Glenn Whiteside

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