Questions for the group to discuss:

Date: Fri Jun 26 1998 - 09:19:16 EEST

     Concerning IronCad, Britt Ferrill Wrote:
     We have talked about the low cost RP "Printer" future potential. But
     somebody still has to design the part to be made. Is there a large
     enough companion market for a high value (but under $500) 3D solid
     model CAD program to be successful? ("Solid Modeling for the
     People?") Will other vendors in the crowded $2000 to $5000 Windows 3D
     CAD arena drastically drop their prices? or will Microsoft buy one of
     them and transform them into a $300 CAD module for Windows NT 2000.
     What about when a full-blown high end graphics-capable PC sells for
     around $500 (perhaps next year from third tier suppliers?).
     You are missing the internet option...Web based design tools that the
     person only pays for access to use.
     Also how about library data files of pre-designed products? just
     download the data and construct the latest "New" product.
     Home shopping without the wait and the shipping charges...
     Just think...the latest toys or kitchen gadgets available for
     immediate construction in your own home;)
     The single greatest use of 3d modeling/rendering out there today is
     probably the Nintendo/ with millions of seats. The
     current products use pre-created shapes in a virtual setting; why not
     add the ability to create your favorite games/figures/effects in real
     Just a few more questions for the group to discuss:
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