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<< The new
 company (VDS) is claiming that "The number of IronCAD seats sold prior to
 shipping is probably a new record for the CAD industry," and that "Our
 extraordinary sales are the result of the pent-up demand for a better, more
 productive solid modeling solution." >>

Visionary Design is not a "new" company. It was spun off of Hewlett-Packard's
ME10 (2d) and ME30 (3d) software development and support group in the late
1980s. HP stopped marketing and supporting these software packages, focusing
their efforts on hardware development instead. Visionary Design hired most of
HP's former software people and became the sole source of these software
packages. VDS has a long history of selling and supporting high end,
expensive, CAD systems to users who own many seats. It is not unreasonable to
believe that they may have presold many of their previous ME30 (Unix based)
CAD system customers on the purchase of their IronCAD software to run on a
Windows NT system.

Ken Miller
Miller Technologies
Farmington, Utah

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