RE: The ultimate list

From: sabine stamm (
Date: Sun Jun 28 1998 - 18:45:14 EEST

Hi Henry, hi all !

seems to be that I am not the only one with sleepless nights and
numerous "RP and RT goblins" jumping around my pillow.
The list could be great, if everybody remains the principle of the rolling
snowball: o n e snowball becomes bigger and bigger and bigger and so on.
Isn't it better to jump on the latest state to complete the list?

One request, if it is not too much:
As more as the list will grow, as more some might be confused about all these
abbreviations ( .... me too, because in addition, I have to translate from
English to German ) Please add the complete description (like

Isn't it a brilliant challenge to track down even less-known technologies, which
could help someone in some matter once upon a time ?
Really hope that this will help getting these goblins out of my bed into the
list. (yeah, joking in a foreign language is as bad as wearing rubber boots while
taking a shower)

Let's roll ;-)
HOT DOC Productions

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