RE: TriSpectives Reborn?

From: Scott Ellis (
Date: Mon Jun 29 1998 - 03:21:40 EEST

Has anyone actually used IronCad?
I too bought a copy of Trispectives, and on the first job that I used it for found it lacking. (And I am not a product designer!) The main problem was that I had two lofted shapes that I wanted to join, Trispectives could not cope and simply told me that the problem was too hard. Is this just a function of the ACIS engine or a problem with Trispectives? Will IronCAD fix this problem?
I sent a copy of the model to our local Iron CAD distributor to see if it would join the two solids OK, but I have not heard back from him.

As for Trispectives the user interface was good and it was reasonably easy to learn. If the solid modeling tools were just a bit stronger it would have been a winner.

Scott Ellis

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