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Date: Mon Jun 29 1998 - 18:17:49 EEST

Hello John and RP-ml,

We have a rapid tooling method for High Productivity Production Tools called
ExpressTool. This tooling method uses a patent-applied-for electroforming
process which allows the tool to have Conformal Cooling water lines. This
leads directly to molding cycle time reduction (on the average of 20-30%),
more dimensionally accurate parts out of the tool (less residual stress from
hot spots), and ultimately more productivity and lower costs. Also, these
tools can typically be delivered in 8 weeks, or less, based on part
complexity. For more information on ExpressTool (process and the company) -
contact me directly (at the number below), check out the June issue of
Modern Plastics, or look us up on the web at: and
follow the links for ExpressTool.

I look forward to talking to you all very soon.

John Celeste wrote:

Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998 20:10:48 -0400
From: John Celeste <>
Subject: RE: Rapid Tooling Web Pages

I am trying create a matrix of all rapid tooling processes so I can quickly
determine which process suits my specific need.

Can anyone direct me to some good web pages for rapid tooling?


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