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J Celeste,

No doubt 3D Keltool is a wonderful thing but why is when I asked for
quotes using Sanders masters I was turned away? Why is it when a process
existed prior to 3D Systems and worked very well with masters OTHER then
3D Systems did it suddenly become un-useable with those masters? 3D
Systems hurt this industry and itself by adopting an "us only" attitude
and as a result I will no longer trust the folks at 3D Keltool to run
with my masters 3D or otherwise. Here is a great example of that
arrogance thing that we users keep talking about backfiring!


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I'd like to take a shot at this and inject some additional value on the
subject of Rapid Tooling...

3D Keltool is a proven technology that has produced millions of parts and
thousands of tools over the years. It is perhaps the best-kept secret in
tooling industry. The process expeditiously creates A6 steel production
inserts that can be hardened to nearly 50 Rc and routinely provide
1,000,000-plus shots (fewer if "abrasive materials" are used).

Accuracy is +/-.2% and insert size can be up to 144 cubic inches (and
than one insert can be combined to mold larger parts). 3D Keltool is
tooling without compromise - inserts are available 8 - 10 calendar days
weeks) after stereolithography master tooling patterns are created.
 While not
for every application, 3D Keltool is ideal for complex tooling
There are other rapid methods of producing tooling but none that I know
that consistently deliver production tooling that is as accurate,
reworkable, and machineable with as remarkable a tool life and delivery
as 3D

Besides providing inserts, 3D Keltool is also licensing the technology
offers companies the opportunity to dramatically increase their
from their existing staff of toolmakers. 3D Keltool can be reached at
805-257-4800; 805-257-5800 (fax), and at:

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> Hello John and RP-ml,
> We have a rapid tooling method for High Productivity Production Tools
> ExpressTool. This tooling method uses a patent-applied-for
> process which allows the tool to have Conformal Cooling water lines.
> leads directly to molding cycle time reduction (on the average of
> more dimensionally accurate parts out of the tool (less residual
> hot spots), and ultimately more productivity and lower costs. Also,
> tools can typically be delivered in 8 weeks, or less, based on part
> complexity. For more information on ExpressTool (process and the
> contact me directly (at the number below), check out the June issue of
> Modern Plastics, or look us up on the web at:
> follow the links for ExpressTool.
> I look forward to talking to you all very soon.
> Cheers

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