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Date: Tue Jun 30 1998 - 19:17:16 EEST

Our friend Preston Smith wrote:

>So that you are comparing apples to apples, it is best to reduce all costs
>and benefits to profit terms, which will help you communicate with
>management. There will be some very soft items, such as environmental
>effects, that you may have to just list, but try to estimate these
>quantitatively too.


Even some of the environmental issues are quantifiable.

Some as part of the installation cost - Need ventilation fan, scrubbers, etc.
Installation cost = $####.##

Some as part of disposing the scrap and waste material - $#.##/pound where the
number pounds disposed of is a direct proportion of the materials used.

There will be additional tracking time for the additional materials but this
may already be in the general overhead, especially if you are already having
to recycle or track industrial wastes.

The EPA type permits can also be costed. The state and federal agencies can
tell you up front what the permit costs will be.

Are their any other cost I have missed?

Niel Leon - CDS,inc.

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