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You need to see the Excel spreadsheet that has been developed by Andrew
Chantrill (ex 3D Systems UK). He gave a presentation last year where one
of the audience from Rank Xerox gave him some numbers to feed into it.
Within the time of the presentation Andrew was able to show the actual
cost per month of being late to market or the extra profit from being
Andrew is very happy to let people have a copy of this spreadsheet. He
is also doing a similar presentation at the TCT Conference in October.
I don't normally get very excited about bits of software but this is
worth seeing.
I do not have an email for him (will try and get it) but his phone
numbers are:
Landline - +44 (0)1727 841673
Mobile - +44 (0)777 5570010

Phill Dickens
De Montfort University

Elaine Hunt wrote:
> The following is a discussion that I would like to hear everyone discuss.
> I'll feel free and reword some of it...
> >>> I believe, and have convinced our management of the benefits of RP far
> outweigh the down-side of the equation. However, lack of real information,
> in an understandable and credible form, is the real issue here.
> >>> Steve, what kind of understandible and credible information is needed?
> How many of you are willing to discuss and add to the credible information
> about the cost justification of using RP? What are the savings in REAL MONEY?
> For all you bean counters, how about attacking the issue of placing value
> on time compression. If we can help fellow RPers get pay increases surely
> we can help each other justify purchasing systems.
> Play ball or get off the field?
> Elaine
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