From: Chris B ClodFelter (
Date: Wed Jul 01 1998 - 17:47:17 EEST

Our site makes SLA parts for other plants in our corporate group. Occasionally,
we will get an IGES file from a customer to build an SLA. We first ask if their
system can output a .stl file. If they do not have this capability, and the
file is not watertight, we have used a service bureau to convert the file.

So far, they have not charged us anything, because they said it did not take
enough time to warrant sending us a bill. They have not told we which software
they use, but it sounds much easier than patching small holes in IGES files to
create a solid.

If you have to convert many IGES-STL files, I would contact one of these firms
and find out which software they use for this. I hope the service bureau firms
on this list will reply, because this software would be useful, if the cost is
not too high.

Chris Clodfelter

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Subject: IGES to STL
Author: Shreyas J Bakshi <> at Internet
Date: 7/1/98 7:09 PM

Hi all,
Can some users share their experience on the aspects of using some IGES
to STL software versus using a CAD software to do the same. I understand
that using a CAD software will involve first doing the IGES-IN then
either stitching/patching/offseting the surfaces into a solid and then
generating the STL-OUT. But what I would like to know from the users' is
how good each of these methods have been for them
Thanks in advance.

With Best Regards from Shreyas J Bakshi
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