From: Monica & Glenn Whiteside (
Date: Wed Jul 01 1998 - 18:29:55 EEST

Subject: IGES to STL

Hi all,

Can some users share their experience on the aspects of using some IGES to
STL software versus using a CAD software to do the same. I understand that
using a CAD software will involve first doing the IGES-IN then either
stitching/patching/offseting the surfaces into a solid and then generating
the STL-OUT. But what I would like to know from the users' is how good each
of these methods have been for them

Thanks in advance.
With Best Regards from Shreyas J Bakshi


We've used CATIA's STL function to directly export an STL file and it's
worked very well for us. The STL can be generated from a solid, volume, or
an offset STL at a specified thickness from a skin or surface. It saves us
the extra steps of having to IGES out (which in CATIA can be very messy,
especially if the settings aren't set up right such as for trimmed surfaces,
etc.) and then using a third-party software to convert to an STL file. Hope
this helps.


Glenn Whiteside

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