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>Hi all,
>Can some users share their experience on the aspects of using some IGES
>to STL software versus using a CAD software to do the same. I understand
>that using a CAD software will involve first doing the IGES-IN then
>either stitching/patching/offseting the surfaces into a solid and then
>generating the STL-OUT. But what I would like to know from the users' is
>how good each of these methods have been for them

Most CAD packages have an STL conversion module that produces very high
quality STL output. Some of the lower end CAD packages have weak modules
and require a third party software to output good STL files. If we receive
an IGES file from a client we use Brockware (address below) to convert it
to STL. Brockware is a throughput program, so if it does not create a good
STL we will then patch/stitch it on our CAD stations or return it to the
client for repair, depending on the situation.

C. Brock Rooney, Pres., Brock Rooney & Associates Inc. (Brockware)
        915 Westwood Birmingham MIchigan 48009 USA
(248) 645-0236 fax/bbs (248) 645-9020 email


Kevin Robertson
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