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<<Is any service bureau running the complete KelTool process including
impregnanting the part?

B. J. Arnold-Feret >>

The answer is yes
Fusion Engineering
5175 27th ave Rockford Il 61109
Ph 815-397-6069
fax 815-397-8813
contact Bob Morton or Jason Zimmerman

We are currently the only full commercial 3D Keltool licensee in the world. We
have full in house furnace capability. We have over 33 yrs experience in the
mold business. We are a division of Industrial Molds Inc (USA), Ferbe group
(Sweden). One of the largest mold making operations in the world. We can work
on any level from providing inserts only to other mold shops, to full turnkey
solutions providing concept design, prototype molds, to full production molds.
Our standard insert only turn around is 8-10 days. Typical prototype quality
molds in 3-4 weeks, Bridge quality in 4-5 weeks and full production Keltool
molds in 6-8 weeks.

Thank you for your interest
Bob Morton

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