Re: artist wants carved styrene shapes

From: Franck Lacan (
Date: Thu Jul 02 1998 - 11:35:05 EEST

Have a look to these web pages:


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On Wed, 1 Jul 1998, sharon wrote:

> I am an artist looking for ways to output my 3-d images. I am interested in
> a computer process whereby large blocks of polystyrene are cut (or
> hot-wired) according to the data in the CAD drawing. I use a program
> (macromedia extreme 3-D) to design biormorphic forms and I am interested in
> going directly from the computer files to a mechanical process. I am
> actually very interested in ANY options that would be feasable and available
> to me as an individual designer. I am looking for general information about
> the subject of 3D printing and output methods in general.
> For more information about the rp-ml, see

For more information about the rp-ml, see

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