Re: artist wants carved styrene shapes

From: Steve Upcraft (
Date: Thu Jul 02 1998 - 12:31:56 EEST


I can't help with hot-wired styrene but with your wider interest of available
options then maybe...

My team are currently working with 3 UK based scultors. One work peice will be
exhibited at the Royal College of Art in London. All three works have been
produced on a range of rapid prototyping systems, here at the IMC, as part of
funded programme to encourage sculptors to explore the opportunities presented
by these free form fabrication technologies. These works will join many others
produced this year in the UK as part of a touring exhibition later on this year
(UK only as I understand it at present). Their web site can be found at

Michael Rees uses LOM extensively in his 'Anja Spine' series - his work is
definately worth checking out.

If we at the IMC can help any further please let me know.



sharon wrote:

> I am an artist looking for ways to output my 3-d images. I am interested in
> a computer process whereby large blocks of polystyrene are cut (or
> hot-wired) according to the data in the CAD drawing. I use a program
> (macromedia extreme 3-D) to design biormorphic forms and I am interested in
> going directly from the computer files to a mechanical process. I am
> actually very interested in ANY options that would be feasable and available
> to me as an individual designer. I am looking for general information about
> the subject of 3D printing and output methods in general.
> For more information about the rp-ml, see

For more information about the rp-ml, see

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