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Nathaniel J. Leon wrote:
> Our friend Preston Smith wrote:
> >...My view is that there may always be additional more subjective costs. For
> >example, will other highly qualified employees choose not to work in the
> >building due to the hazardous substances, even though you have the fans,
> >etc., thus reducing the quality of your work force.
> Preston
> That is a very good subjective cost, and it should be listed as a
> consideration as should others. Things need to brought into perspective in
> with the most critical lights possible.
> I was only wondering what you meant by the subjective costs. Thank you for
> giving me an example. I now understand.
> Niel Leon - CDS,inc

I've been following the discussion concerning the SLA epoxy raw material
handeling issues and other coments such as the one above. I get the
impression that 3D Systems has not been fully honest with its customers
by not disclosing the potential hazards of these materials. Many years
ago, I had a discussion with a sales rep from Quadrax and was told the
material was very toxic and must be handled very carefully because it
attacts skin tissue. (Quadrax was a system very similar to SLA, using
the same raw materials and is now out of business due to litigation by
3D Systems).

This has always stuck in my mind, and whenever I've talked to a 3D
Systems rep, I bring it up. Nothing is ever admitted to by them, stating
that no special handling is required and there is not a need for special
ventilation or facilities. The statements made by the real life users
indicates that my doubts are correct. Yes? Did they provide a safety
manual and materials handling training?

Our system selection did not only concentrate on purchase price, but
also all other related costs for facilities. (We selected Stratasys by
the way). An EPA approved hole in our roof complete with filters costs
at least $15K. An OSHA approved lab facility with eye washer, shower,
sink, vented hoods, etc. costs how much? I feel that whenever you
calculate your pay back, all of these additional expenses must be
factored in. Special facilities, training and process monitoring are not
cheap and will continue for the life of the facility.

I don't mean to trash 3D Systems here, but a persons health should come
before corporate profits.

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