Trivia.....joke to end this week relaxfully.

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Date: Fri Jul 03 1998 - 11:40:39 EEST

okay, here for the was told to me by my best friend when i was
feeling quite depressed that time fiftheen years ago.......

there was once a man whom both has undesirable habits/problems.
the man has uncontrollable action to fart on the most unforseen
circumstances....during very important business meeting...during
lunch....and so on.

so one day, he went to see a doctor....and the doctor uses a RP
system(preferably a FDM2000 with medical ABS high impact material ... clean
and environment friendly...and clinically hygienic) to make a stopper for
"when you got a very bad need....just plunge this stopper immediately into
your a@#$%^&...and things will be fine;" says the doctor.
"okay, i give it a try," says the poor man with a look of doubt.

so one day, the poor man went for a very important business meeting...and
suddenly at the most undesirable moment prior to get the order.....he needs
to!!!!!!! remembering the Rapid Prototyped device he brought along he
immediately plunges it into his a!@#$%^& with the speed that even
card-magician fails to perform. and guess what...nothing happens and he got
the contract...where most of the time...not possible due to unneccesary

so he was very happy with the RP-made device because after many seems that his problem has left him away.

one day, he and his wife went to a "whistle" party..."whistle" because the
party highest event is to blow the loudest whistle. before leaving the
house, he thought that he might not need the whistle anymore since the
problem is no longer there...and so he left it in the closet. his wife
urgently looking for a whistle...went to the closet and brought out two.

at the party, as things are getting virppppp....suddenly....he needs to!!!!
trying to solve his will-be emarassment he searched his wife's handbag
frantically and took out a device and went to a secret corner and
immediately plunge it in. miraculously, NO SMELL!!!
feeling relive, the man walked out smiling happily again.....but in this
moment wherever the man walks....there is always a whistling surronding
him..."beep"....."beeeeep"..."beep beep".....and so on as the rhythm goes.

his wife thought that the highest event has started ....took out her

Thank You for reading.
joseph sim

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