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From: Patrick Dunne (
Date: Fri Jul 03 1998 - 12:48:05 EEST


Im am Industrial Design Engineering student presently on an industrial
placement with BMW in Landshut Germany. During my spare time here I have
Gathered a vast quantity of Information on RP and have gained a lot of
practical experience with the machines weve got here by initiating
projects from design on CATIA right through to the physical creation of

I reconise the vast potential of this technology and have decided to
concentrate even more on it by incorporating it into a Major design
development and 'Busines Management of Design' project in my final year
at university starting this september.

I wish to design a desk-top RP machine. The project shall be more
'Styling orientated' with the Tec taking the form of a three month minor
project. I have to a produce a prototype of the form and would welcome
any advice/comments/suggestions etc concerning what not obvious features
must be accounted for in the design of such an object.

I would also welcome any Company that would be interested in a student
working in cooperation with them on such a project.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you in the near


Pat Dunne

P.S. Is there anybody from BMW Munich on this list??

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