Kicking again (The ultimate list)

From: Henri Koukka (
Date: Fri Jul 03 1998 - 14:15:36 EEST

Hello RP-world

Hey come on, my friends. I'm sure you can do it better... In my opinion the
list of methods died too quickly. Maybe we should start it again. If I
summarize what we got right now and let you continue.

Stereolithography / 3D-Systems
                 / Aaroflex

FDM / Stratasys
Inkjet / Sanders
LOM / Helisys
DSPC / PartsNow
SGC / Cubital
3DP / MIT / Z-Corp
MJM / 3D-Systems
TruSurf/Gilmore Engineers
TSF / Formus

Here are my additions to the list. I'm also sure there is a lot of people
working in their chambers. Let us know what you are doing (I'm not asking
to reveal your seacrets, but if you can tell something raise your voice).

LENS / Optomec
Hot Plot / Sparx AB http://???
DESCAF / Light Sculpting inc. http://???
Soliform / SOMOS http://???
Solid Creation System / Sony http://???
Solid Object Ultra-Violet Laser Plotting / CMET http://

well, I'll be a week out of my office and I hope I'll see really loooong
list when I come back...


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