ATTN: Gautham RE: artist wants carved styrene shapes

From: Monica & Glenn Whiteside (
Date: Fri Jul 03 1998 - 21:09:36 EEST

Subject: Re: artist wants carved styrene shapes


This may not be what you are exactly looking for, but never the
 A couple of arts students here from a Visualization & Prototyping
class used an ingenious way to build big prototyppes out of thermocoal from
a smaller part on the computer. What they did was they used QuickSlice, a
software that forms the interface for A FDM machine, to slice up the stl
file & then projected each layer on to a thermocoal slab pressed against the
wall (the distance of projection decides the size of the projected slices).
They then cut along the outlines & stuck the individual layers of cut
thermocoal to make a scaled up prototype of a tooth. It is a simple
ingenious way to build scaled prototypes yourself.



Could you explain what "thermocoal" is, where to get it, how expensive it
is, and a little more information about this process, it sounds very
interesting, especially as a method to scale up for large prototypes.


Glenn Whiteside

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