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Date: Sat Jul 04 1998 - 21:29:34 EEST

        We hadnt experiened part curl until recently. We operate a FDm1650
here. Its been running for close to a year now & we never experienced curling
on the parts before. But, recently due to a problem wiht the original
extrusion head, we got a replacement head. parts built out of this new head
are curling near the base. THis happens with bulky (solid) parts only & not
with thin walled parts. i am still playing around with the operating
temperatures to eliminate it but met with limited success- I have noticed less
curl at a operating temperature (of the modeling tip, support tip & build
chamber )which is not the recommended set of values.

        I will be happy to hear from anybody who had experienced the same
problem & was able to eliminate it.

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On Fri, 3 Jul 1998, MR ALBIN A HASTBACKA wrote:

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> In reviewing several hundred RP patents for information on part curl, I
> found that nearly 20% of the patents over the last twelve years discuss
> curl and potential solutions to curl. Is part curl still a problem in
> the RP industry?
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> Al Hastbacka
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