Re: artist wants carved styrene shapes

Date: Mon Jul 06 1998 - 14:37:52 EEST

     Michael Rees wrote:
     "The cross sections can be printed out very large, constrained only by
     the width of large scale black and white architectural printers."
     Another way to do it is to substitute a hot wire nib for a pen point
     in an old flatbed x-y plotter and just plot the profiles/layers
     directly in the styrene sheet. You could keep a pen in one of the
     positions to mark the layer numbers on the sheets to help keep them in
     order, that way registration marks and/or pin holes would be easy to
     Don't like hot wire? Use an old dentist's drill, Dremel tool, air
     grinder, etc. to cut the sheet stock.
     A wire EDM machine could be used to cut the styrene sheet by modifing
     the machine to heat the wire instead of applying electric current
     discharge. Of course you could always use the EDM machine as it was
     intended to make the model out of metal.
     Or how about modifing a sewing machine to make a sheet metal nibbler
     style machine that uses tiny punches to cut or perforate the sheet
     But then there are always the water jets, plasma torchs,
     airstream/abrasives and lasers to cut with...
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