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From: Miller, Michael W (
Date: Tue Jul 07 1998 - 01:16:11 EEST

How about a uv resin that requires the presence of two laser frequencies
simultaneously to initiate cure. If the resin was otherwise transparent
to the laser light then voxels could be formed anywhere in the vat by
intersecting the two lasers.

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> Subject: Constantly Changing Build Platform
> RP'ers
> An Idea that I have for my 'Desk Top Project' which requires your
> comments/Suggestions/Criticisms etc.
> 1. A Selective Curing Machine which instead of relying on a Laser or
> a
> pre printed stl. build platforms (Which must be printed ,loaded un-
> loaded and wasted) would instead use a constantly changing ,
> transparent
> LCD tray rising at a constant rate. The UV curing radiation would be
> masked and unmasked by the dark and light regions of the plate???
> 2. An extra large scaled Build Platform in union with a concentrating
> lense would remove any complaints about the limited detail due to
> limited pixel size???
> would colour-able (Whats the Word?)react to a Color
> or at least one that could effect the frequency of the UV in regions
> while still sustaining its curing ability???
> Regards
> Pat Dunne
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