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> How about a uv resin that requires the presence of two laser frequencies
> simultaneously to initiate cure. If the resin was otherwise transparent
> to the laser light then voxels could be formed anywhere in the vat by
> intersecting the two lasers.

Interesting concept - but isn't that the early ('60's?) "Swain method"
(precursor to Kodama, Hull, et al) - worked on at Batelle - and awaiting
additional funding? There were apparently great difficulties with the
complexities of refraction and solidification - elegantly handled by simpler
layer-by-layer processes.

- - - I was just out walking and realized this needs at least one correction.
I've lent out my best historical reading (wish I had those 280 patents on CD!)
but seem to think a "son" may have slipped from my memory. May have been
Swainson about '67 and so? Sorry for the confusion. [I'm sure we'll soon
receive the correct info.]

Also, maybe you've been thinking of having beams of different wavelength
intersect on a surface - in order to vary the characteristics of the
solidified resin?

Norm Kinzie

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