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From: Kevin Robertson (
Date: Tue Jul 07 1998 - 19:34:50 EEST

At 08:50 AM 7/7/98 -0400, you wrote:
> I am looking for a service bureau that has the capability to digitize an
>eyeglass frame using a "Digi-Bot" unit. Is anyone aware of such a facility
>(perferably in the Midwest)?

We've had very good success just creating the model in our CAD software
directly from the physical model. We have done multiple parts using
digitizing (using a couple of bureaus) versus using this "re-draw" method.
In every case the parts "re-drawn" in CAD by a modelmaker were completed
much faster and the file quality was better. Some of the jobs using this
method were as complex as a joystick for a flight simulator to a door panel
for an automobile. The joystick CAD model and accompanying CNC foam model
were completed in three days. Most of the scan models we had done took as
long as two-three weeks, which is too long for most of our clients.

What are others experiences with scanning and particularly what is
Digibotics typical lead time and quality? Interested to see if others have
had similar experiences in scanning versus recreating the parts is CAD.


Kevin Robertson
ARRK-San Diego, CA

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