1998SLS Usergroup Meeting

From: Joe DeGuglielmo (jfdegug@kodak.com)
Date: Wed Jul 08 1998 - 03:17:30 EEST

Announcing the
1998 Selective Laser Sintering User's Group
Annual Conference
August 30th through September 2nd 1998
At the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown
700 San Jacinto at 8th Street
Austin, TX 78701
Telephone: (512) 476-3700
Facsimile: (512) 320-5882
For Reservations call:
1-800-THEOMNI or 1-800-843-6664

Clint Atwood
Sandia National Laboratories

Vice President
Joe DeGuglielmo
Eastman Kodak Company

John Schaefer
Accelerated Technologies Inc.
512-990-7199 ext.114

Herb Caloud

Kevin McAlea

We have reserved a block of rooms at the following rates until August 7th, 1998:
$115 single/double
$10 for each additional person.
Children 17 and under may share a room with parents at no additional cost.
Parking is complimentary.
The Omni is located in downtown Austin near the Texas State Capitol.
Please mention the Selective Laser Sintering User group when making your

"Last years conference in Albuquerque marked the Selective Laser Sintering
User's group entry into a New Era. Please join us this year in our continuing
efforts to make each year better then the previous one. Please volunteer in some
way. As a presenter, parts fair exhibitor, or session moderator. It's
imperative we all participate if we truly want this technology to grow and
prosper. Sharing our knowledge with other users opens up the opportunity for
them to share their knowledge in return. And remember there is no other
gathering in the course of the year when you'll find this many SLS experts in
one place! So please take advantage of this unique opportunity and make your
plans to present and attend now!

We realize presenting involves a lot of work and sometimes provides little
reward. So this year as an added incentive all non vender and parts fair
presenter will receive a special gift to show our appreciation. I think you'll
like it!

Also for those early birds we will have tickets available on Saturday night
August 29th to the Esthers Follies Comedy Club. The club is located within
walking distance of the Omni and is sure to offer a good time. There are limited
seats available so please call Herb Caloud to reserve your spot."

Joe DeGuglielmo Vice President 1998 SLSUG

"Better off with the Blues"

"Austin has a strong musical tradition. Along with the distinction of being the
State Capitol of Texas it's also known as the live music capitol of the world.
On any weekend night (and most weekday nights) you can find live music of every
conceivable type. The center of the music scene is on Sixth Street, but there
are other numerous clubs that are well known for their live music. The strong
traditions of Austin will carry over this year to the 1998 SLS User Group's
annual meeting which will be held in this wonderful city. Please join us in
the birthplace of this exciting technology at the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown to
celebrate our 6th annual gathering of the Selective Laser Sintering User's
Group. Be a part of this developing group by participating in some way. Only
you can make this event the best that it can be. Please join in, You'll be glad
you did!"

Joe DeGuglielmo, Vice President and Agenda Coordinator

"Shedding Tears of Laughter"
Saturday August 29th , 1998

08:00 PM Esthers Follies Comedy Club
For those early birds we will have tickets available at $15 each to the Esthers
Follies Comedy Club. The club is located within walking distance of the Omni
and is sure to offer a good time. There are limited seats available so please
call Herb Caloud to reserve your spot."

"Come on in this House"
Sunday August 30th , 1998

02:30 - 04:30 PM Open House and Tour of DTM's Manufacturing facility
DTM Corporation will host a casual gathering at its corporate offices to tour
the group through it's manufacturing facility and tech center

07:00 - 09:00 PM Get acquainted reception
Meet and begin networking with other attendees at this casual get together to be
held at the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown.

"Looking for Answers"
Clint Atwood Sandia National Laboratories
"Welcome and introductions"

Dr. Joe Beaman
"Selective Laser Sintering Research"

Frank Breitinger CEO Apppex Product Development
"Rapid Tooling/Rapid Manufacturing in Europe"
The recently founded company APPPEX AG is offering all kinds of Rapid Tooling
and Rapid Manufacturing services. APPPEX AG is a spin off from IWB, Germany. A
leading position in Europe is the result of more than four years of experience
in Rapid Tooling and Rapid Manufacturing
techniques. Reference customers of APPPEX AG are Audi and Siemens. The
presentation will focus on Rapid Tooling and Rapid Manufacturing with DTM4s
Rapid Tool II and HSC.
Points of interest:
- requirements for Rapid Tooling/Rapid Manufacturing
- advantage of Rapid Tooling in the product development cycle
- advantage of Rapid Manufacturing for small series
- examples of Rapid Tooling and Rapid Manufacturing
- future expectations

David Leigh Harvest Technologies
"A Systematic Approach to System Accuracy"

The SLS process provides many variables to part accuracy. These variables
include laser settings, heater settings, material usage, and geometry specific
concerns. In order to obtain accurate parts on a consistent basis, there must
be repeatability, initial baselines, and continuous statistical process
control. This presentation will provide general concepts and formulas for use
in maintaining accuracy and tracking trends. There will be general discussion
within the group to tailor the presentation to user needs.

"Looking for Answers"

Jim Williams Paramount Industries
"Going Once! Going Twice! Gone to LR2!"
As DTM rolls out LR2 my presentation will first examine the paradigm of LR1 as a
production tooling methodology vs. a bridge tool. Given that quality, time and
price typify our goals (textbook), knowing that all three are seldom achieved
(classic results), how come so many companies yield quality first? What was the
correct application of LR1? Why didn't it work, or did it? What happened to
the early adopters? How can we change our market's and user's perceptions of
SLS RapidTool technologies? How is LR2 different? What roll does SR2 play in
product development?

A benchmark study will be presented which compares conventionally machined QC7,
LR2 and SR2. This study will review mold construction lead time, required shop
skills and shop equipment, mold quality, mold life expectancy, surface finish,
part quality and part accuracy.

Drew Brown Conceptual Reality Inc.
"Casting urethane parts using SLS patterns"
A discussion on how to build soft tooling for urethane castings using SLS
master patterns.

Brent Stucker University of Rhode Island
"Recent Results with Zyrkon -- EDM, injection molding and die-casting"
The Zyrkon material system, a cermet made of zirconium diboride and copper, has
been shown to be a great EDM electrode material. In addition, Zyrkon's physical
properties would lead one to believe that it would work well as an injection
molding tool and possibly as a die-casting tool. Recent developments
in the processing of Zyrkon using SLS and its application in EDM, injection
molding and die-casting will be explored.

Mark Bliek Materialise sales manager
"Materialise closer collaboration with DTM"
Materialise and DTM have closed an agreement where Materialise is providing
front end software for DTM 's new Windows NT based preparation software. The
collaboration let Sinterstation users tap into 8 years of experience of
Materialise in manipulating STL files, allowing DTM's own developers to focus on
machine control aspects. To the user it means a fast and low cost solution to
whatever challenge working with STL data might present to them. An overview of
options for different applications like Rapid Tooling, Investment Casting,
Repair etc. will be shown.

Vendor Sessions
"What's Going Down"

Vic Maroscher Vorta-siv
"To Be Determined"

Jim Rollins SMS
"To Be Determined"

Dr. Bill Nebe DuPont
"DuPont Somos Solid Imaging Materials for Selective Laser Sintering"

Kristen Dudash Society of Manufacturing Engineers
"Rapid Prototyping Association: An Introduction and Benefits"

Mark Bliek Materialise
"A Introduction to Materialise Magics RP 4.20"
Magics RP is a general purpose software package for manipulating data for Rapid
Prototyping equipment. Recently features specifically addressing issues with
the DTM Sinterstations have been added. A live demo will be given, showing the
following features: Organizing a build for DTM equipment
Compensation for Bonus Z, Hollowing, Rapid Tooling, Support generation for

Andre Dolenc Nest Technologies
"DeskArtes Rapid Tooling Software"

Michael Tsenter Nest Technologies
"CAMATTINI Polyurethane Injection with the Proto Mix System"
"ESPOR micro porous aluminum casting for vacuum forming"

Vendor and Parts Fair
"Under the Big Top"

Parts Fair, Vendor Displays and Reception Sponsored by DTM Corporation.
An informal gathering of Selective Laser Sintering users and related vendors.
Please join in and share your experiences, successes and achievements. Browse
around and talk one on one with hardware, software, and service providers. Got a
special need? This is the time to lobby for those added features you've always
wanted. Strike up a friendship with a fellow SLS users and trade ideas with
them. Remember it will be another year before we have this many experts in the
same room. Take advantage of this unique opportunity.

"Working Blues"

Clint Atwood Sandia National Laboratories
"Open Forum"

Frost Prioleau Plynetics Express
"To Be Determined"

Tim Gornet University of Louisville
"U of L's experiences with Copper Duraform"

The introduction of the Cu/PA SR tooling material system provides and
interesting and quick way of producing short run injection mold inserts. Several
case studies of our initial experiences with the material and the tools will be
discussed. Injection molding inserts and molds for investment casting wax
patterns will be shown. Build parameters, finishing, mold building will be
presented. In addition, initial results of surface coating to increase tool wear
capabilities will be discussed.

Neal Vail Biomedical Enterprises
"Materials for Biomedical Applications"

This paper discusses material systems targeted for selective laser sintering
(SLS) that are being developed for biomedical applications. One type of
material system is ceramics based and is intended for use in repair of bone
defects. SLS is a preferred method of fabricating ceramic implants that exhibit
well defined porous microstructures. Implants fabricated in this method have
proven effective in-vivo showing excellent bio compatibility as well as
considerable osseous integration and remodeling of the implant material.
Another type of material system being developed provides conceptual prototype
testing under limited in-vivo conditions. The material is radiopaque, making it
readily visible in radiographic images.
The Flagship Texas
06:00 -- 10:00
This years conference dinner will be held on the Luxury charter Yacht " The
Flagship Texas". Enjoy a unique Lake Travis experience aboard one of the
largest Riverboats on any Texas inland water way. Since 1982, The Flagship
Texas has provided an ideal setting for a scenic Lake Travis cruise.
Guests are welcome at an additional cost

 DTM Presentations
"Time for Moving On"

DTM Reports
Business Overview John Murchison

Product Update Kevin McAlea
                                                  Sinterstation 2500
                                        DuraForm Family
                                        Tooling RapidSteel 2.0 and Copper Polamide
                                        Casting TrueForm 2.0
1997, 1998 DTM wish list Jean Smith

Concurrent Technical Discussions Lead by DTM Corporation

"Sand Casting" Ed Shivak
"Investment Casting" Brian Carr
"Functional Models" Mary Michalewicz & Chris Hanna
"Metal Tooling" Phillip Conner

Last year was the first year we offered concurrent sessions at the conference.
They were so well received that we have decided to offer them again this year.
The sessions are designed for small intimate groups and to promote a casual and
comfortable atmosphere for the user. There will be four different one hour long
topics and each topic will be repeated four times. Everyone should be able to
participate in most of the sessions. Due to the nature of this format we will
have sign up sheets available at the registration table to minimize the chance
of overcrowding. Please sign up for the session or sessions you would like to
attend early.

Selective Laser Sintering Users Group
Registration Form

Please send your check or money order payable to The 1998 SLS Usergroup to:
Herb Caloud, Sr. Process Dev. Eng.
Fiskars Inc.
Research & Development
2219 Eagle Drive
         Middleton, WI 53562
             Phone #: 608-836-3133
             Fax: 608-836-3337
             e-mail: hcaloud@lab.fiskars.com
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Registration for the Selective Laser Sintering Users Group Conference

Registration Payment received by July 31st 1998 $250 per person
Registration Payment received after July 31st 1998 $350 per person
Checks only please, sorry no credit cards can be excepted

If your planning on joining us Saturday night at the Esther Follies Comedy Club
you MUST reserve your spot.

Best Regards,

Joe DeGuglielmo Eastman Kodak Company Rapid Prototyping Center 901 Elmgrove Rd. Rochester, NY 14653-5315 (716)-726-7046 Phone (716)-726-3220 FAX jfdegug@kodak.com

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