Two part urethane injection systems.

Date: Wed Jul 08 1998 - 16:28:56 EEST

 I recently put a notice out looking for vendors who do urethane castings
and silicon rubber tooling. Now I am expanding on this, and I am looking
for systems of two part injection for purchase. I am aware of MCP System
and the ProtoMix system but I am looking for a system that can handle
around 7-10 pounds of material and casting of large parts around 30 inches
by 20 inches by 15 inches with a typical wall thickness of .250. If anyone
is aware of supplier of this size system please Email or forward the
information to me at the address below.

Thank you,
Guy E. Bourdeau
Coulter Corporation
11800 SW 147th Ave. M/C: 12-A02
Miami, FL. 33196-2500
Phone: (305) 380-3806
Fax: (305) 380-4571

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