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Date: Fri Jul 10 1998 - 02:47:31 EEST

I feel I must interject:
PDT does not use proprietary technology.
They use Imageware's Surfacer to reverse engineer parts, and use a modified
version of our error-color map as the "thermal scan". We are happy to have
them as our customers, but I must point out the source of the technology.
You can find more information on Imageware & Surfacer at

At 03:52 PM 7/9/98 -0700, bryan takata wrote:
>Product Development Technologies in Chicago uses a Hymarc scanners to
>reverse engineer parts. The real cool thing is that they verify the
>integrity of the capture using their own proprietary system to produce
>images that look like thermal temperature scans and shows the difference
>between the 3D CAD model and the scanned part. In the end they can have
>exact copies in CAD of the model. I can't see any better process and
>verification for capturing complex geometries. Sure you might be quicker if
>you are capturing a cube but if you have anything beyond that and you want
>to duplicate that in CAD I see this as the way to go.
>I deal with John and Joe there. They usually can push the schedule for me.
>PS they have a pretty funky web site.
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