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Subject: ATTN: Dave Pinkston RE: SLA build problem.

>Subject: SLA build problem.
>I have just installed a SLA5000 and I am starting to run parts through
>it. (Boy that is pretty obvious). The last two nights the sweep stalled
>on the fill layer a top surface. It seems that the surface did not
>adhere to the bottom layers which allowed for separation of layers. It
>also does not happen to all the parts being built. Is this a setup
>adjustment or do I have to be aware of some condition and compensate for
>Have you checked the resin level in the Zephyr recoater blade? When we
>recently set up our SLA-5000 we had several problems with the vacuum
>Call 3D's field service and they can adjust the level for you, or if you
>can't wait for them, the vacuum adjustment knobs (there's 2 of them, one
>fine and one for coarse adjustment, I believe the one on the left is the
>fine one) are located directly behind the vat, just remove the lower sheet
>metal panel (without the laser running for safety purposes) and look for 2
>black knobs about 2 feet high, you'll also see the vacuum pump which looks
>real similar to an aquarium pump. Be careful (do it slowly, make an
>adjustment, then let it stabilize for approx. 15 seconds before you make
>another adjustment) when adjusting because it is real easy to go too high
>and you'll have to clean the line out again.
>Several vacuum adjustments had to be made so that the resin remained at the
>right level in the blade (1/2 - 1/3 full in the sight glass on the back of
>the blade). The reason we lost vacuum was that resin had been sucked up
>into the line which blocked the lines and we had to remove them (both the
>metal line on top of the blade and the plastic line running back to the
>adjustment knobs) and clean them out with isopropyl alcohol. If the resin
>level is too low, which can be caused by the line blockage, you'll have
>problems with inadequate resin deposition, especially if you're building
>parts with a lot of surface area.
>Another item we found was that the default blade speed set up by field
>service was too fast (2 in/sec, which is listed in the resin parameters for
>SL5195) and we had to reduce this to 1 - 1.5 in/sec (in Maestro) otherwise
>the build would crash. This also caused inadequate resin deposition.
>Hope this helps,
>Glenn Whiteside
>Cessna Aircraft Co.
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