3D Viewing to the Mainstream

From: Yakov Horenstein (yakov@planet.it)
Date: Thu Jul 09 1998 - 23:21:28 EEST

                  Actify Delivers 3D Viewing to the Mainstream

                            (PR Newswire; 07/07/98)

    SAN FRANCISCO, July 7 /PRNewswire/ Actify Corporation today announced
the release of 3DView(TM) 2.5, its 3D CAD viewer, with new features that
enhance the viewing and exchanging of 3D models. The recent pervasiveness
of 3D graphics technology has enabled Actify(TM) to deliver an affordable
3D viewer to a large customer base consisting of both engineers and
non-engineers. It enables one to view and share 3D designs without having
to purchase expensive CAD software or hardware.

Traditionally, 2D drawings have been used to share and exchange product
designs but a 3D representation provides a more natural and intuitive
medium to communicate and exchange design information. 3D View(TM) 2.5 now
supports viewing of SolidWorks(TM) IGES. STL, VDA, VRML and ISO G Code
files. It also provides the ability to add measurements, multimedia notes,
real time cross- sectioning, save multiple views and to include 3D models
in office documents or web pages. 3D View's user interface has been
improved to provide an intuitive Windows-based look and feel. Cristiano
Sacchi, Actify's Vice President of Software Development, explained "3D
View's ease-of-use is analogous to a point- and-shoot camera, you get a lot
of functionality without being required to learn a complicated interface."
3D View 2.5 supports collaboration by enabling different people in the
design and manufacturing process to add notes and exchange models (e.g.,
engineers, marketing, sales, product managers, customers and suppliers).
Mr. Sacchi also notes that, "3D View makes sharing 3D models via email as
easy as exchanging office documents. With 3D View, you can simply include a
3D model as an email file attachment." 3D View's ease-of-use and very
affordable price enables everyone to own a copy. 3D View 2.5 can be
downloaded from Actify's site: http://www.actify.com

Actify is the leader in producing affordable 3D CAD/CAM viewing technology.
It is a privately held company located in San Francisco, California.
Actify's mission is to deliver powerful, yet easy to use 3D viewing
technology to the rapid prototyping, aerospace, automotive, medical, design
and manufacturing industries.

To obtain additional information on Actify and its products or to download
a free evaluation copy of 3D View, visit Actify's Internet web site at
http://www.actify.com. Product press release images can also be downloaded
from http://www.actify.com/Press/prO7O798.html.

SOURCE Actify Corporation
-0- 07/07/98
/CONTACT: Mark Gisi of Actify, 415-647-6504, or mgisiactify.com/ /Web site:

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