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Date: Fri Jul 10 1998 - 21:08:39 EEST

Dear list,

ANyone remember that Clint Eastwood movie where he plays the Secret
Service agent who protects the president? And John Malkovich plays this
insane CIA agent gone over the edge who's going to assasinate the

To accomplish this he builds a little plastic gun that can get through
all of the metal detectors etc.,. 3parts a couple of plastic bullets
etc.,. The parts fit in the heel of his shoe. I wonder how many people
are making or want to make such weapons with rp?

And wasn't the gulf war in part a rapid war? I've heard tell of missile
construction with RP. Any surprise about that? Its called the military
industrial complex after all.

Marhsall Burns talks of some of this stuff in his book. Its like the web
and the uproar over indecency. Would the web as a human culture be any
different than any other human culture? Would RP somehow be immune to
the darkness of the human psyche?

I've just made enough wax to do my car.


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