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From: Marshall Burns (
Date: Fri Jul 10 1998 - 21:30:36 EEST

Bauer Juergen wrote:

> If I remember right, years ago the US navy had a plan to install
> fabricators onboard their aircraft carriers. With this, they could plot
> all spare parts need no supply logistics for a long time at sea.
> The plan did not come to reality, or did it ? Maybe someone knows more.

    It's not so much a plan as a possibility under investigation, and the
Navy is still very interested, as are other branches of the US military and
no doubt those in other countries as well. We're not yet quite up to the
speed and material properties to make it entirely practical, but it will
come to pass. This is one reason that the Navy and other Defense agencies
have been supporting fabricator research generously for a long time.

Marshall Burns

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