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Date: Sat Jul 11 1998 - 08:43:24 EEST

The other thing that intersted me in this side by side comparison was
how it pointed up what rp can't do. Please don't get me wrong, I love
this technology, and relatively satisfied with what it can do, and dream
of other things.

but here's my take. The object emerging from the vat seemed
unsophisticated compared to the sequences of assembling the parts. It
made me wonder and wish for systems that could build moving assemblies,
build the chips and mechanics directly into the object.

This may seem totally unrealistic, just wishing in thin air but lets
consider this for a moment. In the "The Future of Rapid Prototyping"
conference in the "RP and color" discussion area we're discussing color
in selective laser sintering
. Its been pointed out that if you could selectively color a part (true
color now, just like your ink jet printers) you could also apply other
materials to the area for different mechanical and electrical
properties. All be it this is rather primitive but is the first step
towards direct building all kinds of electro, mechanical, chemical
devices into an rp object.

just musing on a friday after the movies. Hey who's turn is it for the
joke of the week? Well you missed it.


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