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Date: Sat Jul 11 1998 - 02:43:42 EEST

At 1:45 pm -0400 10/07/98, Elaine Hunt wrote:

~>>>prototyping technologies can be used as actual production/manufacturing
~>>>technologies (kind of like in Toy Soldiers!).
~>>Printing process is now being used to manufacture tablets in millions!
~>> some cases of applications, aeronautic for
~The following was taken from recent postings about RP and soldiers. Since I
~have not seen the movie I can only surmise that a war was fought with small
~Taking the idea that anyone could purchase a 'RP' System and "manufacture"
~anything with it then I can surmise that the next war could be fought with
~RP weapons. Interesting assumptions when you think of the wide effects of
~such a conflict; millions of armies against millions of weapons some of
~which the individual would have no defense.

I'm waiting for the system that will do a decent Cod 'n' Chips -- with the
newspaper to wrap them in........

Bill Bedford

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