SAE to host TOPical TEChnical conference on DESIGN LEADERSHIP

From: Anita Caufield (
Date: Sat Jul 11 1998 - 23:00:57 EEST

Special Announcement


The Society of Automotive Engineers will host the "Design Leadership for
Guaranteed Results" TOPTEC workshop on August 3-4, 1998, at the Sir Francis
Drake Hotel in San Francisco, California. This unique event will focus on
today's most effective design techniques in the automotive industry and
will feature the foremost experts in leading and managing the design phase
of new product design and development programs.

Representatives from Chrysler Corporation, the National Science Foundation,
Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, Black & Decker and national consulting groups will
be presenters.

Two special events will also be featured:
        A tour of two leading design facilities in the Bay Area: IDEO and Stanford
University's Design Division Product Design Loft, and
        Tabletop software demonstrations by a limited number of selected
companies, including: 3-D Systems, Unigraphics, and ADVEA.

For registration information, please call SAE at 724/772-7148. Mention
this announcement and attend the workshop at a discounted rate of $645 (or
$545 if you are an SAE member.)

Here's your opportunity to interact with "leaders" who will propel your
company to the top of your market.

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