From: Nathaniel J. Leon (
Date: Sat Jul 11 1998 - 23:38:36 EEST

I do mechanical design and product development for a variety of clients.
Most of the stuff is small to
medium electro-mechanical systems.

I am looking into mini-mills of the Roland CAMM-3 and LightMachines
units as a possibility to add to my
capabilities for product development.

I will admit that my real desire is for a Stratus or a Sander's system
but at just shy of $50,000 there are
currently just out of my economic ranges.

I am also considering Roland's Modela unit at $3,000 but believe that
unit would be too anemic for my

As a result I would like some comment and feed back from this list on
my options at this time.

Current budget is between $10 and $20K for this capability.

Niel Leon - CDS,inc.

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