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Date: Mon Jul 13 1998 - 16:16:31 EEST

If we are going to move past STL then it makes sense to go to STEP
rather than IGES
- STEP is inherently a BREP solid modeller with NURB surface features
- IGES is inherently a surface modeller (last time I looked) with many
types of surfaces.
Unfortunately both are more complex to process than STL files.

my 2Cents

------------- wrote:
> I keep wishing that the debate about the utility of the stl format would go
> beyond defending it(stl) for whatever reasons and result in an R/P machine
> that could reproduce curved surfaces in full fidelity. Maybe no one here has
> had a receiveng inspector reject an R/P part because the runout of a hole was
> out of tolerance but I have. Discussing using R/P parts for tooling
> applications is rediculous if the translation format can't deliver. I
> understand the background and simplicty of the stl format. It was created when
> a 12 mHz 286 with 32 Meg of RAM and a 30 Meg hard drive was a powerful
> computer. That is no longer the case. I don't buy the argument that poor IGES
> files, which need a lot of repair to use for CNC programming are a valid
> reason not to use them. I have rejected many a bad STL file. Designers have to
> learn how to make good files. I am eagerly awaiting the first R/P machine that
> can use IGES data directly without the denegration of conversion to STL. My
> understanding is that a LOM is capable of true cirular interpolation, but they
> still use the STL format.
> Andy Scott
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