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Date: Tue Jul 14 1998 - 10:40:14 EEST

The only government agency I can think of with an RP machine is the FBI
over there in the USA!!
When Graham Tromans from Rover asked them what they used it for they
said if they told him they would have to shoot him! I think they were
joking! Not sure though!

Phill Dickens
De Montfort University

Elaine Hunt wrote:
> >>>prototyping technologies can be used as actual production/manufacturing
> >>>technologies (kind of like in Toy Soldiers!).
> >>Printing process is now being used to manufacture tablets in millions!
> >> some cases of applications, aeronautic for
> The following was taken from recent postings about RP and soldiers. Since I
> have not seen the movie I can only surmise that a war was fought with small
> soldiers.
> Taking the idea that anyone could purchase a 'RP' System and "manufacture"
> anything with it then I can surmise that the next war could be fought with
> RP weapons. Interesting assumptions when you think of the wide effects of
> such a conflict; millions of armies against millions of weapons some of
> which the individual would have no defense.
> from my home I could design and make weapons that could cause vast damage.
> Given the above quotes, my imagination can produce many scenarios but I
> will not give out details since I may have to defend myself.
> Rather than 'Star Wars' the next trilogy will be " Rapid Wars" starring 3D
> Systems, Helisys, Stratasys, and Z-Corp. The plot will be how to get from
> 'Small Soldiers' to "Life Size Soldiers" in seconds. Luke SkyWalker is
> known as Luke RapidMaker.
> How many government agencies worldwide actually own a RP system? Anyone
> know or venture to guess?
> Anyone want to help me write the screen play?
> Elaine
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