KIRA, new product announcement

From: David Retallick (
Date: Tue Jul 14 1998 - 13:35:12 EEST

Hi List!

KIRA has announced a new machine using the PLT principle (Paper
Lamination Technology) The build area is DIN A4 (280x190)mm, half the
size of the KSC-50 (which will shortly be renamed to PLT-A3) and the
build height is 200mm.
The machine is extremely compact (picture soon available on our
website), about the size of an office printer station and is IDEAL for
medium parts like shoesoles, cameras, heads, hands and anything about
the size of a shoebox. The machine is predestined for designers.
At DM 120 000,- this machine represents real value for money.

The SolidCenter KSC-50 will be renamed to PLT-A3, has suffered ;-(
a price reduction and now costs DM 180 000,- in german-speaking Europe.

I hope the list will not take exception to this blatant advertising, but
we all have to live somehow?!

If you need more information, address and website below, details will be
posted shortly.

Dr. David Retallick
Retallick Systems, KIRA agency
Baumgaertle 36, 
D-86505 Muensterhausen (Germany)
phone +49/8281-1763 - fax +49/8281-5556

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