DTM(TM) Announces Sinterstation(R) 2500plus

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Date: Tue Jul 14 1998 - 14:58:19 EEST

                  DTM(TM) Announces Sinterstation(R) 2500plus
                            (PR Newswire; 07/13/98)

  Improved Value, Ease of Use, Accuracy, Increased Productivity Define DTM's

              Newest Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing System

    AUSTIN, Texas, July 13 /PRNewswire/ DTM Corporation (Nasdaq: DTMC)
today announced the release of the Sinterstation 2500plus system, a new
version of the company's Sinterstation 2500. The Sinterstation 2500plus has
been improved to enhance its ease of use, accuracy, and productivity, and,
with a substantially reduced list price, offers users better value. The
company expects the 2500plus system to be ready for shipment next month.
DTM has ceased production of the Sinterstation 2500 and 2000, but is making
available a lower-cost, entry-level refurbished Sinterstation 2000 package.

"The new Sinterstation 2500plus is an important step in DTM's effort to
provide better performance and value for our users. With the introduction
of this new system and the new DuraForm(TM) Polyamide, DuraForm(TM) GF
(glass- filled), Copper Polyamide, and RapidSteel(R) 2.0 materials, we have
upgraded nearly our entire product line. At the same time, we have
attempted to protect the investments made by existing users. Sinterstation
2500 and 2000 customers can build parts from all of the new materials and
will be able to upgrade their application software to the new version
available with the Sinterstation 2500plus system," says Kevin McAlea, DTM's
Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.

DTM's Sinterstations utilize SLS(R) selective laser sintering technology to
create three-dimensional objects by using a CO2 laser to fuse plastic,
metal, and ceramic powders. Current commercial SLS materials can be used to
make functional models, sand casting cores and molds, expendable patterns
for investment casting, injection molding tools and pressure die casting

The list price for the 2500plus system in North America will be US$
299,000, twenty-five percent lower than for the 2500. This ex-factory price
includes installation and a full one-year warranty. DTM believes that the
new Sinterstation 2500 plus design will reduce the company's parts and
manufacturing costs and that it is appropriate to share a portion of this
savings with its customers. ..

A new CO2 laser and scanning system, a redesigned powder delivery system,
and improved thermal control of the process chamber and laser module are
expected to enhance the accuracy and ease of use of the new system. The
Sinterstation 2500plus will have a 50-W version of the new laser, with a
100-W upgrade also available. The higher power laser will allow faster scan
speeds and productivity gains for certain materials. The Sinterstation
2500plus has a build chamber volume 10% larger than the Sinterstation 2500,
while its footprint is 10% smaller.

The company has further enhanced the ease of use of DTM's Sinterstation
2500plus Sinterstation System Software by moving from a Unix-based
operating system to Windows NT. DTM expects to make the Windows NT version
of the company's application software available to Sinterstation 2000 and
2500 customers in early 1999. DTM has also entered into an agreement with
Materialise NV, a software company based in Leuven, Belgium to include a
limited version of its Magics(TM) RP software package with the 2500plus. In
addition to the ability to scale, rotate, offset, and slice STL files,
MagicsRP offers users optional features to measure, edit, shell, and repair
partfiles. DTM's partnership with Materialise will also involve future
development of software for Sinterstation systems.

DTM also will be making available a number of Sinterstation 2500plus system
packages. All of the equipment, software, material, and training required
for specific applications are included in these packages. In North America,
a functional modeling or metals casting package is available for US$
349,000 while a metal tooling package, which includes a high temperature
retort furnace, is available for US$ 399,000.

DTM will build the Sinterstation 2500plus in a new manufacturing and
assembly building in Austin, Texas. The new building, located adjacent to
DTM's headquarters, is approximately 2,000 square meters and is now fully

DTM Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets the Sinterstation
family of rapid prototyping products for application in the growing rapid
manufacturing marketplace. The company's products are sold, serviced, and
supported directly through DTM in North America, England and Germany, and
through agents and distributors worldwide.

..The market statements are forward looking statements that involve risks
and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially.
These risks and uncertainties are detailed from time to time in reports
filed with the S.E.C., including but not limited to Forms 10-Q and 10-K,
and include, but are not limited to, pending litigation, currency
fluctuations, price reductions and price competition by the Company's
competitors, engineering testing delays, lack of acceptance of the
Company's products, a deterioration, temporary or longer term, in the
markets for rapid prototyping goods and services, and failure of suppliers
to deliver conforming products.

For more information, contact:

North America: DTM Corporation
1611 Headway Circle, Building 2, Austin, TX, USA 78754 Phone
+1.512.339.2922; Fax +1.512.832.6753

Europe: DTM GmbH
Otto-Hahn-Strasse 6, 40721, Hilden Germany Phone +49.2103.95770; Fax

Asia Pacific: DTM Corporation
9 Temasek Boulevard, 31-02 Suntec Tower Two, Singapore, 038989 Phone
+65.434.5770; Fax +65.434.5771
World Wide Web: http://www.dtm-corp.com

For more information on Magics(R) RP, contact Materialise:

North America: 6111 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor, MI, USA 48103 Phone
734.662.5057; Fax 734.662.7891
Europe: 15, B 3001 Leuven, Belgium
Phone +; Fax + World Wide Web:

SLS(R), Sinterstation(R), and RapidSteel(R) are registered trademarks of DTM.

Windows(R) is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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