Re: Other Scan and capture methods

Date: Tue Jul 14 1998 - 04:50:40 EEST

     Your reply "In the end they can have exact copies in CAD of the
     model." has me curious. Are you saying that HYMARC's proprietary
     software takes the collected point cloud and exports a file directly
     into your CAD software?
     If so... * What CAD software are you using?
                * What type of file is exported from HYMARC to CAD system?
                * Is your final 3D CAD design result in a parametric model?
     Looking forward to your feedback.

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Subject: Other Scan and capture methods
Author: "bryan takata" <> at INTERNET
Date: 7/9/98 7:08 PM

Product Development Technologies in Chicago uses a Hymarc scanners to
reverse engineer parts. The real cool thing is that they verify the
integrity of the capture using their own proprietary system to produce
images that look like thermal temperature scans and shows the difference
between the 3D CAD model and the scanned part. In the end they can have
exact copies in CAD of the model. I can't see any better process and
verification for capturing complex geometries. Sure you might be quicker if
you are capturing a cube but if you have anything beyond that and you want
to duplicate that in CAD I see this as the way to go.
I deal with John and Joe there. They usually can push the schedule for me.
PS they have a pretty funky web site.
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