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Date: Tue Jul 14 1998 - 17:40:07 EEST

Perhaps I can add something here:

The hymarc system writes a binary format point cloud (the source for
reading and writing the file is available via our FTP site

Surfacer can read the hyscan binary (as well as that of a number of
other scanners). Surfacer provides tools for creating NURB models
from the point clouds, but this involves significant manual effort. I
don't believe these models are parametric.

We also can provide our customers with software to polygonize the point
clouds, which can be saved in a number of polygon formats including STL
ascii and DXF polyface.

Hope that helps,

-------------------- wrote:
> Bryan,
> Your reply "In the end they can have exact copies in CAD of the
> model." has me curious. Are you saying that HYMARC's proprietary
> software takes the collected point cloud and exports a file directly
> into your CAD software?
> If so... * What CAD software are you using?
> * What type of file is exported from HYMARC to CAD system?
> * Is your final 3D CAD design result in a parametric model?
> Looking forward to your feedback.
> Regards,
> Jim
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> Subject: Other Scan and capture methods
> Author: "bryan takata" <> at INTERNET
> Date: 7/9/98 7:08 PM
> Product Development Technologies in Chicago uses a Hymarc scanners to
> reverse engineer parts. The real cool thing is that they verify the
> integrity of the capture using their own proprietary system to produce
> images that look like thermal temperature scans and shows the difference
> between the 3D CAD model and the scanned part. In the end they can have
> exact copies in CAD of the model. I can't see any better process and
> verification for capturing complex geometries. Sure you might be quicker if
> you are capturing a cube but if you have anything beyond that and you want
> to duplicate that in CAD I see this as the way to go.
> I deal with John and Joe there. They usually can push the schedule for me.
> PS they have a pretty funky web site.
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