Re: Sectioning surface files

Date: Wed Jul 15 1998 - 06:47:15 EEST

<< Is anyone out there aware of a way to section a CAD surface model or an STL
file into "tiles" of a specific XYZ size, incorporating a larger area than
just one polygon? Much like the individual and unique tiles that form the
surface of the Space Shuttle? >>

This is very simple. Run the surface file into a mesh generator. The type used
to do mold flow analysis or finite element analysis. FenB is one that is
pretty good. If you want triangle ( 3sided) or quads (4 sided) you specify the
max and min element sizes and it automatically generates a mesh for you from
the surface quilt. ProE has this capability built in (if you have the mesh
option). If you export the mesh as an industry standard nastran (nas), or
cmold (fem), or moldflow (mfl). It could be be easily parsed and turned into
an stl file or another surface file with a bunch of small elements.
Good luck
Bob Morton
Fusion Engineering

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