Laser Scanning for Rev. Eng

From: John Jarvela (
Date: Wed Jul 15 1998 - 15:22:11 EEST

> Dear Jim,
> Bryan Takata forwarded your email to me. We did some work for Bryan
> a while ago and he was kind enough to mention it on the RP exploder,
> but it looks like some things have gotten confused. We use Hymarc
> laser scanners for inspection and reverse engineering.
> For reverse engineering we take the points collected from the Hymarc
> system and using Imageware software we create b splines in the x,y,
> and z planes. We import those bsplines into Pro Engineer and create
> feature based geometry using the b splines as a guide. We do not tie
> the geometry to the b splines as that would be non parametric because
> the b splines are controlled by thousands of points which would be
> very difficult to modify. The end result is a parametric Pro E .prt
> file. This can also be exported out as an iges surface file.
> Because we are interpolating information inbetween the cross sections
> we run our CAV (Computer Aided Verification) process which compares
> the cad model to the physical sample and shows all of the deviations,
> then we will go back and modify the CAD model until it matches to the
> accuracy required for the project.
> For inspection we use a proprietary process to create color maps
> showing deviations between the parts and their databases. Earlier I
> saw a posting from someone at Imageware saying we use their "Verdict"
> software for our CAV process. While its true we could not do our
> process without Imageware software (point processing etc.) we do
> things a little different. If your interested I would be happy to
> send you a direct comparison between an Imageware plot and a CAV plot.
> We offer CAV as a service, people send us their parts and databases,
> and in a couple of days we send them inspection reports. We do not
> sell the software.
> If you have any further questions about PDT, reverse engineering, or
> scanning, feel free to contact me directly at one of the numbers
> below.
> Bryan,
> Your reply "In the end they can have exact copies in CAD of the
> model." has me curious. Are you saying that HYMARC's proprietary
> software takes the collected point cloud and exports a file
> directly
> into your CAD software?
> If so... * What CAD software are you using?
> * What type of file is exported from HYMARC to CAD
> system?
> * Is your final 3D CAD design result in a parametric
> model?
> Looking forward to your feedback.
> Regards,
> Jim
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