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From: Doug Greenwood (
Date: Fri Jul 17 1998 - 15:22:39 EEST


Square D uses CV for our development work, so all the stl files we use
for SLA parts come from CADDS5. We have found that for the majority of
the stl files we get from our in-house customers, we have to verify and
fix them using 3D verify (part of the Maestro software).

If your customer's data is 3D wireframe only, then you cannot use it to
generate an stl file. An stl file can only be generated from 3D solid or
surfaced model geometry. If you need help in converting the wireframe
geometry to a solid, contact me directly, as I can help you with this.

Doug Greenwood
Square D Company, Groupe Schneider
Raleigh, NC
Ph  (919)217-6334, Fax 919-266-8397

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